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Dari Self-propelled harvesting machines

Enhance your productivity, efficiency, and overall operational effectiveness of harvesting with the Dari self-propelled harvesting machines, making them a popular choice among modern farmers.

Welcome to the future of sustainable agriculture with the Dari Electric Harvester for leafy crops and herbs. This innovative machine is designed to optimize the harvesting process, increasing efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. The Dari Electric Harvester combines advanced technology with user-friendly controls, making harvesting leafy crops and herbs faster and easier than ever.

Advantages of the Dari Electric Harvester:

  • Efficiency:  Significantly reduces the time and labor required for harvesting.
  • Quality: Improves the quality of the harvest through careful and selective harvesting.
  • Cost effective: Reduces labour and operating costs through reduced fuel consumption and maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly: Contributes to sustainable agricultural practices by reducing harmful gas emissions.
  • Ease of use: Easy to operate and maintain, suitable for both small and large farms.
Compact EazyCut harvesters with collection bag

Field Harvesting


Ell-E is a totally electric zero- impact harvester designed for harvesting horticultural crops for cutting leaves. Ell-E is able to operate both under greenhouse and in open field and thanks to its compactness and ease of driving, it is the ideal machine to make it work in environments where there are space problems. The machine has a working autonomy of more than 10 hours and it is possible to charge the battery pack with a common household socket, with a recharge cost of less than € 3.00

 VegTerra harvest machines

Row Harvesting


This vertical row harvester is a revolutionary and innovative machine capable of harvesting rocket in such a way as to create bunches. This machine was designed for harvesting leafy vegetables in neat rows in a vertical position, hence the name Vertical. The advantage consists precisely in harvesting the vegetables in bunches both for small-leaved vegetables such as baby leaves and for essences with larger leaves such as basil and parsley.

Ell-E Field Harvester

  • Control: Touch Screen Color Display 10 “lP 65 suitable for all working conditions.
  • Motor: Asynchronous three-phase motor from 6kW to 48V.
  • PTO: Electric power take off on board 2P+T 16 A 48V.
  • Drive: 4-wheel drive with detachable rear wheel drive.
  • Steering: 4 steering wheels with the possibility of excluding one of the axes of your choice with automatic return. Translation.
  • Working Speed: Speed from 0,5 to 3 km/h, programmable with continuous variation

  • Transfer speed: Speed up to 7 km/h, programmable with continuous variation

  • Cut: Band saw with variable speed and automatic levelling system. Electronic control of cutting height

  • Tread: Possible from 1370-1970 mm (fixed after ordering)

  • Tread: Possible from 1370-1970 mm (fixed after ordering)

  • Loading capacity: 1000kg

  • Autonomy: 10 hours

  • Tare: From 1100 to 1500 kg
  • Noise emission:
    Max sound weighted power level A, Lwa = 79,8 db (=/- 1)
    Max sound pressure level weihgted A, Lpa = 59,1 db (=/- 1)

Vertical Row Harvester

  • The Vertical is build on the blue print of the Ell-E , but the harvesting unit is designed to havest crops in bundles.

  • Ideal for crops with smaller leaves  such as rocket. Of course the machine can also harvest larger vegetables such as basil, tunip greens and parsley.

  • No need to sow in rows as the machine is able to distribute the leaves automatically.

  • The machine has a workingautonomy of over 10 hours and it is possible to charge the battery pack with a common domestic socket.

  • Options: roof cover, solar ev installation, additional headlight unit, anti fog bar and stainless desk.

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