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Packaging solutions

VegPack Flowpackmachines
horizontal and vertical

VegPack packaging solutions include horizontal and vertical flowpack machines. These flow packers are suitable for various films, including shrink films. This allows iceberg lettuce, cabbage and cucumbers to be vacuum packed quickly. The loose products such as spinach can be processed very nicely in the vertical packager.

VegPack FP-50
Horizontal Flowpacker

simple and effective
The VegPack FP-50 is the basic flowpacker machine that can do its work anywhere in the world. Very simple and solid construction guarantees a trouble-free operation and a long service life. There are only 3 sensors on the whole machine, so there is a very small chance of malfunctions. You can easily and quickly set the desired packing size on the touchscreen. The feed belt has an adjustable V-shape especially for round products. These therefore stay in place and are supplied fully automatically. This packaging machine feels sturdy and has optional a printer built in to provide the film with a text (for example a date).
  • Horizontal flowpack machines
  • horizontal flow packer
Developed for and by growers; a super easy packaging system, without sensitive sensors, motors and complex arrangements. Specialized for packaging iceberg lettuce and other round vegetables without problems: an adjustable V-shaped feed belt has been specially designed for this purpose. Optimized for minimum packaging costs: We can supply you full color printed foil for about 1 cent per pack! Suitable up to approx. 45 packages / minute (top seal). Suitable for packaging up to approx. 600 mm length and 200 mm height. Standard foil (0.025 - 0.060 mm thick, max 750 mm wide). To be used in the hall or on the field. Together with various partners we can deliver the most suitable field harvesting system for you.

VegPack Vertical Flowpacking Systems

This vertical flow packer can handle almost anything. Due to the interchangeable filling tubes, many packaging dimensions can be set. The VegPack has a transparent front and is easy to clean and maintain. Together with a multihead weigher, this is the ideal combination for individual small to medium products. Vertical flow pack has been a popular machine for suppliers of nuts, fruits, sweets and other loose products for years.
  • The Vegsmart vertical flow packers are available in 3 versions: P520 / P620 / P820. Each type can handle a different size of the desired bag. These conveniently arranged machines are easily adjustable with the touch screen. Changing foils is very easy at the rear. The open view front doors provide a good overview and also make maintenance easy. No-nonsense is the best description for this machine, solid frame with good European components.
  • vertical flowpack machine
  • Vertical flow packer
  • Vertical flowpacking system
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