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self-propelled harvesterss

With our self-propelled harvesters, extremely efficient harvesting and packaging solutions can be realized. This can be done, for example, in combination with our VegPack FP-50 flowpack machine. This is a good option for iceberg lettuce and other round products.

The self-propelled harvesters can be supplied in various price and quality levels, driven by 2 or 3 axles, or by a caterpillar drive. Working widths vary from 4 to 12 meters! The harvest belt can be provided with combs, bowls and other holders, depending on the product. Optional are: a sunroof, lighting, heating, etc.

Towed version

Trailers with built-up conveyor belts on both sides.

Self-propelled on wheels

The VegHarv self-propelled harvester has a 4WD and diff. lock for good traction. Band width up to 12 m.

Self-propelled on caterpillars

The harvest carts on caterpillars are very suitable for wet conditions. Excellent pressure distribution so little damage to the field.

VegHarv information


  • Saving on working time.
  • Cleaner product delivers with less damage.

Perfect Harvesting

... from almost all crops that need to be harvested by hand such as head cabbage, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, broccoli and so on.


  • Automatic belt tensioner.
  • Variable speed.
  • Hose set of 10 meters.
  • Hydraulic connection at the rear.

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